Hardware Change (2)

Posted in English, Linux at 12:41 am by Rodrigo

Damn IRQ’s..

The USB devices (including Firewire) still share the same IRQ (21). I tried to balance them using the acpi_irq_balance kernel option.. it didn’t work. The only remaining option to use is append="pirq=xx[,xx[..]]", and hope for the best. If only the “xx” were easy to calculate..

The “other O.S.” upgrade has gone.. emm.. well. I just booted there and it worked, though I had to reinstall all the PCI device drivers, because they were lost in the upgrade. Just two problems remain:

  • Everytime I boot I receive two warnings about bad drivers.. Those are the two IDE channel device drivers.. something about an “hdc” (not the same as Linux, I believe). I tried deleting them, restoring them, reinstalling the VIA 4-in-1.. nothing works. I will have to try safe mode one of these days.
  • There are a lot of devices sharing the same IRQ’s. Apparently, Windows XP doesn’t recognize the IO-APIC in my new motherboard, so I have to reinstall it, just to make it work better. Well, that’s hardly something new for a lot of people, but for me it’s terrible: I have reinstalled it just once in 4 years..

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